Destruction is a form of creation (Donnie Darko movie review)

Donnie Darko (amazing Jake Gyllenhaal) is a typical oversensitive, who agrees neither for conformism nor for seeing the world in black & white colours. He knows that the reality is not flat and that life is not constructed as a comic book. His unpopular and uncommon sensitivity goes hand by hand with high intelligence that won’t let him accept the absurdity of people who are trying to simplify the complexity of the universe. As may other geniuses, Donnie has problems with interactions with the others, but on the other hand – he understands the human nature more than anyone else. His friend is a huge, ugly bunny that remains invisible for the rest of the world. Maybe Donnie is mad, or maybe he just sees and knows more than more balanced part of the society.

Donnie is presented as a troubled teenager, who is plagued by visions of a large rabbit who manipulates a series of crimes. Before things go really bad and ugly, the protagonist narrowly escapes a bizarre accident. The plot of Richard Kelly’s movie is strange, but not hard to accept – we are trying to explain the weirdest moment by the specifics of Donnie’s mind (it is strongly suggest that he is schizophrenic. The whole complicates when the boy starts to read a book about time traveling – the main narration is interspersed by the following pages of this strange – frapping and scaring at the same time – theory. We slowly realizes that everything in Kelly’s movie has a meaning – even lectures that Donnie reads during his classes are not random, and what’s more – the words of his teacher’s interpretation’s will also come back at some point.

“Donnie Darko” seems to be a crazy thriller that is perfect for Halloween night. Nevertheless, it’s more complicated than it looks. The director uses an attractive narration to tell the story of metaphysical and theological doubts about nature of world and universe. It becomes an inspiring but also confusing treaty about a figure of god and a role that he plays in the history of both – entire universe and life of singular people. Kelly allows his audience to watch the movie without looking deep but those who will decide to follow the simple way can be disappointed and frustrated at the end.