The magic of the moon (The Age of Adaline movie review)

51360434 Actress Blake Lively films a late night scene with co-star Michiel Huisman on the set of "Age of Adaline" on March 19, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

Lee Toland Krieger, the director of the fairy tale for adults “The Age of Adaline”, composes his story of two biggest dreams that the humanity has ever had – about eternal life and never-ending love. Its protagonist, Adaline (great Blake Lively), was born in the beginning of XX century and survived a serious car accident after which she stopped aging. As the narrator will later explain – her special condition was caused by the moon that has power of influencing life on the earth. The woman that was blessed with imperishable youth and everlasting beauty at the same time was deprived of peace and charms of ordinary existence. Trying to avoid the fate of a freak or a curiosum, she decided to move away, change identity and never stop running away so people around her couldn’t find out about her secret. We meet her when she is about to break her own rules in the name of love and happiness that – as she has quickly realized – has not much in common with staying young, when those who love you are getting older and dream of making the time slow down…

The drama of the protagonist comes from the fact that the world keeps moving and changing, when she is the only one who remains the same. A gift turns into a curse that seems to be unstoppable. We see Adaline going out with her daughter (very good Elle Burstyn), who looks like her grandmother, changing id to be able to move to a new place and start a new chapter that will end when her friends and co-workers realize that the passing time doesn’t do any harm on her beautiful face. She is like a cursed soul who cannot find peace and that’s why wanders around the world. After finding out that she will be watching her beloved ones dying, she decided to stay away from love and never invite anyone special to her life. As it’s easy to guess, everything will change when a very handsome, charming man (great Michiel Huisman) will fall in love with her and will make her feel the very same.

This story of two people who come from different worlds and will have to fight very hard to stay together, is as old as the world is and Krieger doesn’t even try to pretend that he proposes something different than a romantic fairy tale with a very obvious and sweet ending. What’s important, this lack of originality doesn’t make “The Age of Adaline” a movie that is unbearable or boring. On the contrary – the director turns out to be a very good storyteller, who knows how to enchant the audience and put life into old dreams.

This movie has simplicity of an old fairy tale, which you probably know by heart, and that’s what makes watching it so pleasant. Good, beautiful people are the characters in a very charming story that immerses those who watch and listen to it in the magical reality of love that seems to be even more powerful than moon and fate. The director goes for simple, safe solutions and protects his story from becoming too kitschy or too melodramatic – he is a virtuoso of balancing on the thin line that separates heart-warming banal from a banal that is nothing but pathetic.

What’s interesting, the second plan of “The Age of Adaline” is something that not only makes background for a main thread, but also gives to it a fresh breath and some kind of deep. Worth of noticing is the story of the protagonist’s daughter, which connects the entire movie with the moral general reflection on the human soul. Another beautiful chapter is focuses on Ellis’s father (amazing Harrison Ford) and his story of love to two different women that shaped him and made him a happy man. Krieger’s movie, above all, is a warm, joyful story, in which pain is not ignored, but presented as the inherent part of good life.